Feedback on the core control room of a game i'm making

i’m not a pro builder but why not trying to build something myself

well anyways here it is :

(there is no deco yet i just made like the layout of it)

  • it’s great !
  • It can have some upgrades to it
  • Meh…
  • It’s bad

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Hey there! it’s my first post on the forum so I apologize If I mess anything up, but I think there can be some improvements, Number 1, (and I don’t know if there is anything specific you are going for) but I’d suggest making some stairs down from the upper platform and adding a fence. i think the rest can be covered by decorations made by you.

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It’s certainly a great first step to something great!

As recommended by previous comments, you should add basic necessities like stairs, or a method of access between the two levels (lifts/platforms etc.). You should then focus on the lighting aspect of your room! I recommend using the "Future" lighting system, which matches with the style of your room - also the most realistic one available.

After that you can begin working on decorating your space. Adding computer screens, control panels, chairs and desks are basic items seen in most core control rooms, so you should invest in those.

If you want something a bit extra feel free to decorate your walls a bit more, and consider more realistic wall colors and textures. But that’s completely up to you!

If you feel like going something different, I’d recommend you go after concrete walls with nice bottom wall trims and some thin upper wall trims to really spice up the control room. (Just an idea of mine, up to you of course! There’s many options)

I hope this helps you make your control rooms great! The shape is very unique, and I love how it’s going. Take these tips with a grain of salt - most are simply my personal opinion and ideas - and good luck!

If you wish, keep us updated! I’d love to see how this turns out.

yeah i forgot the stairs but the fences is going to be the control panel for the core

update : i’m currently making the core chamber and i upgraded the control room (yeah don’t mind the blank think at the right of the screen it’s the decontamination chamber and i still didn’t decorated it yet)

update 2 : i added the lasers in the core chamber

now i just have to do the core chamber deco, make the core and the main lasers and im done with the core chamber and i can focus more in the start room