Feedback on "The Dunes" Game Icon

Hello, my game is based in a post-apocolyptic future in a desert wasteland.
The main goal is to scavenge and find clues about what happened and where you are; basically a wasteland RPG.
This is a WIP icon for our game, and I was wanting feedback on it. A few things that will be added:

  • A sandstorm; dust effects.
  • Abandoned structures of some sorts in the background.

Ignore the minor details (low quality shadow, lack of details), they’re not noticeable as an icon.


Any feedback is appreciated, what could be improved?
I’ll also keep this posted with updates, please contribute so that it can be as good as it can be!


I think it looks good…but game link so I can see what it is about?
Depending on what it is about, you could add a sandstorm, or mummies coming, or something like that


It looks epic, if i would see that game i would click it, which i dont do many times. Its perfect! Just put watermark on the DevForum, not everyone on the forum is honest and could steal your work!
Have an awesome day!


Looks nice! Could use some more detail in the background otherwise great!


@Bac_Stab The game hasn’t been released yet and isn’t open to the public, it is a desert RPG based on exploration and adventure set in a post-apocolyptic future.

@BananaCZSweSaim @CoIdArchitect Thank you, I will definitely take these into consideration.


It sounds Amazing.
A post apocalyptic…
Interesting combo.
Is it action based?
You could add a sandstorm, for brewing trouble…
You could add mummies maybe…
Mongolian death worms…
Wait the above wasn’t supposed to get in there…

Yeah anyways, I’d be a playtester if you wanted one, sounds awesome!


If I were to rate this, it would be a 6/10. Honest opinion, the shadows are a bit off, and there are a lot of artifacts:


Why is the front bright and the back dark, when the sun comes from behind?


I agree that it’s a little messed up, but I honestly don’t think that people will nit-pick it while it’s shrunked down to 512x512 as a game icon, it’s hard to see specific details.

The front is also pretty bright compared to the back since the saturation of the background was turned down separately from the whole GFX, but these things will definitely be fixed.

Thanks for the feedback!


looks good all tho i do recommend trying to import more of the Roblox models into blender and rendering with that as it gives more of a realistic feel.

The shadow too the right looks a bit funky, you may wanna do some small research into photography to get everything looking great.

Looks good, but a more dynamic pose would fit better. Maybe he’s fighting monsters, or dehydrated so he’s laying on the ground. Also, you should feature words or text to signify what your game is.