Feedback on the first icon i made for a game

So ive made this icon for my game and i would like to hear some feedback about it
Note: im not that good at watermarking but i tried making it as clear as possible

If anyone is wondering the font is Summer Blaster

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I really like it. It has some flair, but it’s to the point. This would definatly catch my eye on the game page.


It looks great, couple notes of feedback, I think you should make your watermark a little less opaque, really hard to get a good idea of the icon with the dark watermark.

Another aspect is the swords and the mushrooms look a little low res and the back text feels a little low down, especially on the apostrophe.


It looks great but the swords are a bit blurry!

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Looks very appealing, my old account that I played on happens to be mushroomle cuz I liked mushrooms.

The swords affect the mushroom a little bit

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I like how it goes together, but I’m wondering if you took those mushrooms and swords from somewhere? They look pixelated, almost as if you grabbed an image from a website and cut the mushrooms and swords out of it.

If you created both of them, try making them at a higher resolution if that’s in your range of possibilities. The text looks good enough, but the other stuff really takes that away. It is very noticeable, and although your icon has potential, it doesn’t look professional just because of this. A low-resolution icon is a thing I really hate seeing. It of course isn’t anything against the idea of it – it could be nice – but it reminds me of the games that use poorly scaled images as their primary game icon, which is something that would already make me not click on it.

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