Feedback on the first map of my upcoming story game!

Hey! I’m currently working on my first published game and wanted feedback on the beginning map. Nothing is scripted, and the style is totally different from what I specialize in (1 off builds with realistic proportions and high part counts) so any feedback will be extremely helpful!

The biggest issue I see with it personally is the open space, something I have no clue how to solve.

Quality isn’t meant to be exceptional, just passable for a roblox story game. Meant to run on mobile.

Game: The Factory [Story] (In Development) - Roblox

Thank you all very much!

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Looking pretty good!

Some suggestions to the map (the house is awesome though) is the first thing that I noticed is how the house isn’t very cartoony so I would try to make the other parts of the map not so cartoony as well.

First thing is that the grass is almost a neon green which in real life, that saturation won’t be nearly that high. I also would recommend adding foliage such as bushes, rocks, and especially trees (you could make them low poly but just make sure they aren’t like a neon green).

Still, I don’t know exactly what kind of look your going for but hope this helps.