Feedback on the gameplay of my upcoming game

Hello, I made a unique game in roblox where you can be a ghost and hide from the exorcist who is trying to exorcise you

as a ghost you can be invisible when not moving but exorcist can hear you breathe when you are near

as an exorcist you need to exorcise all ghost using your crucifix by going near them and activating it.

The only thing need to complete in the game is the shop and the inventory to customize the ghost.
I’m rooting for your suggestions and feedback on the current gameplay in order to improve the player’s experience. Thank you :sweat_smile:

Game Link:

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yes, i’m the person you met 5 seconds earlier


  1. out of nowhere, a screaming sound appeared. (even when i’m in the lobby)
  2. i’m still able to walk and equip the crucifix around the lobby which had the tombstones (out of the practice area.)


  • remove the backrooms map
  • add decorations to the lobby
  • dont allow the players in the lobby see the map because it’s annoying

overall, the gui and the gameplay is pretty much fun.


Cool game, honestly.
Can I ask a question, how do you make the crucifix effect look like that?

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Cool game, but I think you should add a way to play well as the exorcist without using audio.

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you use particle emitter, adjust some properties to make it glow then use the function :Emit(1000) on it

How do I make it glow? schrr

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in the property of particle emitter there is a brightness property and light emissions property