Feedback on the music i've made for an obby


I would want to know your opinion on this music i’ve made for my obby. How can I improve it?

What do you guys think?

  • Pretty good
  • Decent
  • Still needs some improvements

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Imo, it sounded more like a horror game.

That was also my first though after I heard it, which is true, it does sounds like a horror game music.

sounds like a bunch of random things layered over eachother

yea, i’m still at the very beginning of composing and it took me 30 mins to finish it

cool cool sounds nice but its not an obby music its more like slendy and the 69420 pages.

The music is really good, but like . . .

I hope your obby is edgy/horror game.

Not bad … but, try to use cords or notes that follow cords so you don’t get clashing sounds.