Feedback on the Night Sky!

Hello Devforum people,
Recently, I was playing with lightning and it starting to look really good. So… I’m here to show you guys the lightning that i was created in my game. I hope you guys enjoy the picture ;>

Here is the link: Atmosphere Controls
make sure you follow the instruction correctly.

Thanks for coming and I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

The teapot is out of Tea,
It means peace out.


I like it! The ground looks very simple, which is easy on the eye.
I used to play Minecraft so the sky reminds me of the good old days, Lol.

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The Cloud I make it blocky because I dont have any idea what kind of shape should I use. So… I pick simple and very eye cacthing shape that I can think off.

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Yes, I agree with your thinking there. Have you made your game public?

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Not yet, I only do the lightning and some of the build. So it will take a while when the game is open.

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Wow, this is a lovely night scene.

Yo this looks good, I like it. It’s good for calming night games.

I really like it, reminds me of Pixel Gun 3d’s sky. Also, the game looks nice! Really hope you publish it soon! Can’t wait to play this!!

I love it! Reminds me of MC shaders, heheh. The yellow warm light works really well!

I really like the Night Sky and it really fits well with the Game Style