Feedback on the Pfps that I made

Hello! I’m Jose and I wanted to ask what do you guys think about this Pfps that I made.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated!


Looks good! It’s pretty simplistic so it should play nicely with smaller thumbnails on, say, Discord, but detailed enough that it doesn’t look bad on larger canvases.

Make sure that it looks alright if cropped to a circle, though. A fair few websites will give you a circular cut-out rather than a full square, so make sure that doesn’t cut off pieces of your image that you want to be shown.

This particular image seems fine in that regard, but it’s something to keep in mind in the future:


This is so cute!
I think you could work on the hat a bit more, the lines aren’t smoothed and rounded in some areas. You could also bulk up the hair a bit on the sides. And it wouldn’t hurt for your lines to be straighter.
But nice shadowing :heart:


Thanks! It helps a lot! I really appreciate it.

I really appreciate it I will keep that n mind in next designs!

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Really Cool Art but maybe addd a Mouth

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Oh it looks beautiful!
Very simple, yet it packs such a stylish punch!
Well done!

(One very small thing; perhaps you could add more shading to the hair?)
Well done!

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