Feedback On the Round 2 of logos I have ever created

1st logo


2nd Logo

HARD OR EASY_ Number 2

3rd Logo

HARD OR EASY_ Number 2 (1)

4th logo

  • 1st logo
  • 2nd logo
  • 3rd logo
  • 4th logo
  • None of the above

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This my new and improved logos and the old one becasue why not.

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dude how did you improve so much in such a small amount of time

lol yeah it was that site called canva so easy to use. I forgot who reccomended it but it was awesome.

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I wouldn’t use any of these logos for a game, except the third one stands out the most. There are a few improvements for it, though.

1: Remove the background, it doesn’t blend in at all.
2: You see the “Hard or Easy?” text? Flip it right-side up, and make it easy for people to read it.

Other than that, you may still want to improve on logo creation.

As a temporary logo for a little bit do they look nice?
And also what background would you reccomend.