Feedback on the Spider-Man game i'm working on!

I’m currently working on a Spider-Man game that i’d like some feedback/criticsm on! I would also want to know what to add, and how to monetize the game.

(I’m making it on my developing account, this account is mainly for dev forums and testing)


Looks pretty good! Still needs some work though, the swinging was kinda unreliable and jerky for me.

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Thank you! What do you mean by unreliable, though? I’m curious in what way

Two things. First, the grammar is a bit weird and spelling is off.

Second thing is it’s kind of weird when swinging. I’m pressing E and I attach to a building randomly. It would be more interactive if the web attaches to the direction of the camera or position of the mouse.

Buggy game, poor grammar, and infinite bunny hop strategy.

Theirs many ways you can break the game by using reset, q, e, space bar, and max.

The bugs in the game and lack of way to get height ruins the game, and the poor grammar should be fixed to stop confusion.

well, ive seem many spiderman games, all of them have that same webbing system, its just more convenient to have it auto-attach. and can you point out the spelling and grammar please?

thanks, do you have any suggestions on how to “Swing” the player, other than body force?

that’s been fixed now, so hopefully it wont be so bad now.

No but, you should try to possibly make cooldowns in-between swinging, it may solve the problem.

i already have cooldowns, only 0.1 second, though. I fixed the game breaking thing when you click q/e.

The way I would have wrote it with fixed grammar and spelling is, “Please help me! My delivery driver quit, now I can’t deliver my pizzas!”