Feedback on The Underground War [Remastered Edition] thus far?

Me and my asset builder have been working a while on faithfully remastering The Underground War (originally by stickmasterluke), with only changes so far to update the game to be more up-to-date and adding a few new gameplay mechanics and remaking the whole map. (please note the game is best played with a minimum of 6 players if you want to test gameplay fully)
(this is our studios first official game and we worked hard on making it true)

Anything you guys like, or dislike about our remaster?

I’d also like to request anyone commenting heavily on gameplay, please have atleast 6 players to get the full experience, the game will obviously not feel as right unless you actually experience it yourself as it was intended.

This game has currently in it:

A captured flag counter/timer/itemshop

A building system for building offensive and defensive buildings. (WALLS, TRIGGERABLE BOMB TRAPS, CEILING TRAPS, SPIKE TRAPS, EACH WITH THEIR OWN UNIQUE GIMMICS)

A lantern lighting system, that also toggles off effects people are wearing.

A lightning round mechanic, if the same amount of flags have been captured where it becomes a one life match between both teams.

A spectator mode when in a lightning round and a killcam.

A reward system that rewards you for how long you’ve been on a team that has won.

Colored team chats!

Customization for particles that follow you that can be purchased with gems, and customizing your death sound, and a particle/sound previewer/equipper.

A ragdoll system.

Lots and lots of explosives that can be bought, and a healing potion as well incase you sustain damage.

A map made deligently by Jarinthunder, and a game coded from the ground up by me.

A report button so you can send us direct feedback.

Winning/losing team effects, with a nice show for winning.

Digging digging and more digging!
and so much more!

some map screenies: (using FIB3 in studio)


I’ll keep this straight and to the point:

Things I liked:

  • I am a huge fan of being able to build defenses in the underground area. The only thing that concerns me about this is that enemies may just dig around them; and

  • The map is well done. Not only does it look beautiful, but you stayed loyal to the tried and true original “The Underground War” map. Nice.

Things I didn’t like:

  • I was really caught off guard by the gameplay mechanics of the flintlock. My character and mouse movement was really slow; the camera was fixed to where my character was aiming; and there’s a very evident bullet drop. All these things combined made me feel much more vulnerable using the flintlock, even though there wasn’t anyone else playing at the time;

  • The attack animation of the swuvle is really overexaggerated, even by Roblox’s standards. To put it simply, it just doesn’t look natural;

  • I would have said I liked the concept of adding “health bars” to the dirt blocks, but I didn’t like how the block would just crumble a little and generate a new health bar. Give me the total number of hits left, please! And

  • The ladders on the towers feel too narrow. Their wobbly design only adds to the feeling that I’m going to fall off at some point.

One final note on the game as a whole:
I like this remastered version of the original. I’ve played another person’s take on “The Undergound War,” and I have to say, I’m glad you sticked with a more cartoony, kid-friendly art style for your game.
However, there’s a reason “The Underground War” gains a spike of players and then dies out. If you want this to be successful, you’ll have to find the reason why, and find a way to fix it.

Good work, by the way. :+1:


Thanks for the feedback!

:black_circle: Luckilly the defenses worked out in most of our tests and most people enjoyed the randomness and metas even formed while playing, while buildings do not award gold, they did help secure a area while another group would push forward, defenses are NOT designed to be a perm solution, it’s even encouraged to dig around them or to break them when possible, my only beef with them is that I did not add a team indicator to friendly buildings so people have trouble telling them apart sometimes.

:black_circle: As for bullet drop I’m not aware of that being the case, some people mentioned it, but the bullet goes straight to where you fire,
or it should be going right where u click, UNLESS while I was overhauling the mechanics I may have accidentally given it a bullet drop?
but before this update you could literally shoot across the map as the bullet goes straight depending on which angle you fire at, and it should still be the case, the guns were also intentionally designed
to make you more vulnerable and to combat a serious meta we had early on, we WANT you to be open if you plan to snipe people, there are plans for different gameplay within the next and last major update to give more approaches to fighting.

:black_circle: The animations for digging were a considered change but it lasted throughout the game so we thought it added original charm to our game and was more of a personal touch
(memorys yknow this game literally started one day as a “hey we should remake this game haha” and then the rest happened and we adopted it as our first project),
if its too big of a issue I can see if it can be changed.

:black_circle: Last but not least there should be a hit indicator on the dirt block, or is it not clear enough? if not I can replace it with “HITS LEFT: (NUM)” instead of 4/4 or 3/4 etc…

Hi! I think it looks great. The gun,lantern and build tool are intresting for me. Keep it up this way and it will be great game. Have a good day!

Wow. Just wow. That is amazing. Some barrage balloons would add to the aesthetic of a war time battleground. Over all it’s a great improvement over the original underground war by stickmasterluke.
Here is an example of a barrage balloon:

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Late reply… but that’s a pretty good idea for reds side!