Feedback on the very first game that i have created


damn i wish i could sponsor thiss

Games who give free admin and sell admin commands will usually get really bad reputation.

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but its fun to play cause they can test commands and gears with each other

No offense… but why you don’t create your own weapons and tools instead using roblox edfault gears? and then make a game where people can test them out! :grin:

its time consuming lol why create when they have alot of roblox premade gears to test with

I never said if it was fun or not, I said it gives the game bad reputation.


But creation showcase games looks really amazing, also it is even more original and creative than a admin game…
And that is what people searches nowdays in roblox, original and creative games

Yeah, no thanks. Seeing this alone doesn’t really motivate me to play the game.


By first looks (Thumbnail, Title, Etc.), I wouldn’t play the game. And that’s for one reason, the reputation of the “Free Admin” tittles. If I were you, I wouldn’t put that in the tittle as it draws eyes away from your game because of other games ruining the reputation. Now, what I mean by reputation is other free admin games having admin abusers, hackers, trashy communities, and more. Not necessarily saying that this is what your game includes.

  • Add-On, I forgot to mention that the gamepasses on a lot of games like these are scams. Especially when you use gamepass images used from other games like shown by another person in the comment section of your post.

its not scam though its working lol

I understand that, but Robloxians that are just scrolling through their games page would not click on this (from what I know) because other games with these types of Thumbnails and Icons have scammed the players that spent Robux on their game.


As @1ik said, the gamepasses don’t motivate me to play the game. Free Admin is a game name that is overused.

The game itself has issues. It looks like a bunch of random things scattered around. One of the thumbnails is Model Creators’ free model kitchen. The thumbnails don’t look exciting.

There is also a lot of free models scattered around. Genuinely, this doesn’t look too fun to play.


It’s more of a free model game packed with game passes and donation buttons.

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This game concept has been created a million times. There is nothing that makes it stand out from the other million games named Free Admin. Like Coldshot_Dev said, it gives your game a bad reputation.

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