Feedback on these animation I made recently!

Hello there! I’m Prix

I made these animation recently and I’d love your feedback!

gojo domain expansion (I haven’t learn how to add those effects)

fighting animation

Idle pose

Thanks for checking it out!
I also do GFX! If you’d like to check it out, here my portfolio! PrixFoxzer | GFX Designer | OPEN

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! :heart:


I think they are great. I kinda dislike the idle one but only because it has the player arm in the air but I could see how someone would need this.

Fighting one is great.


They all seem okay, I’ll throw in some criticism though

  • The animation for Gojo’s domain expansion is bland, there’s no torso movement making the animation seem stiff and unlively

  • Poses on the combat animation need to be reworked, feet also need to stay in place more, feet sliding isn’t too bad

  • The idle animation just seems like 2 batch of keyframes, no overlapping action, no rotation on any of the limbs or anything, try and take inspiration from other videogame idle animations and see how they look