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So i’m currently still working on the forest I’ve showed to you all before, as many of you said there are a bunch of more vegetation to include in my forest and it isn’t considered a rainforest yet, which is what i’m currently focusing on so it’ll be conidered rainforest. So I started to create these assets to include on my forest. These assets I created so far are rocks with moss and vines, also another except it’s bending. I really wanna see what your opinion is on these assets to help me improve and create more assets to provide on my forest. other than that, of course I will create more vegetation assets for my forest soon so stay tuned!


I see you are really improving your forest assets for your “Rainforest” i gotta say they look really good, i like how your still improving it some more as well i can see you, really took some advice so it could look more better however. Those forest trees would look very amazing, once there implemented into your forest overall they. Look great it just needed some improvements to it, and i see you are really putting! In a lot of effort to make your forest look a lot more realistic and very detailed as well to make it look more nature like as most rainforest. And now there’s really isn’t much I can say! However what i would recommend you add, is some vines, wrapped around the trees or around the! Branches and some tree roots around the, tree as that’s most needed when looking at (RainForest) you’ll mostly. See those around trees or big, wide, long vines around the area overall you! Have done a nicely job on your assets, and they look amazing.

Rainforest Trees
Know the trees you have improved on, to make them look more better i can see you have done a great job on that however. Most forest trees always have vines implemented! Around the tree and to the tree i see you only added the, vines on the branches and some, connect on both trees! I would recommend you go for, a nature look which you could add some. Woody vines, invasive vines, English ivy, poison ivy, ect. Try adding some different kind, of vines but mostly forest trees, have big wrapped woody vines implemented! Around the tree and it always have some little, leaf vines wrapped around it as well i. Would suggest you add something like that so it could, look more better overall the piece you have come. Up is really good i would just add the final details onto the, trees so it could look like a rainforest, tree as well consider add some (Jungle Vines) there mostly! Hanged around the branches, leafs, tree, that will mostly give your trees a. More natural look to it and i would recommend! You add some more branches, to the trees so it could look more decent i see, you only implemented four branches it’s always. Best to add a lot more branches to it so! You could add the final details to it however it looks really good and i see you added vines to the trees. That gives it the nature look so it would make your forest look! More natural and detailed however consider. Adding details to the trees as i listed above!!

So the vines you implemented to your trees. Look really amazing i think that’s what makes your forest stands out more however i! Would try adding vine hanging down, from the trees and some wrapped around the tree. As i said above that will give your forest a more! Better look to it, and if you plan on adding details to the trees itself i would recommend you add some plants, moss, root vines, flowers, ect. Implemented onto the trees as you would, see those on some trees in the forest a lot so! Consider adding some of those details connected. To the trees and then you could try, adding root vines around the trees that, will be used as the groundcover, like most ivy, vines, added to trees they! Mostly just cover the root flare of the tree and then moss starts to develop on the tree branches, roots, vines, root flare, so i would suggest you add those final details! To the vines and trees as well the rocks, are very amazing i wouldn’t change anything on the. Rocks however if your added those in the lake, pond, forest, i would try adding some little plants in the cracks! between the rocks so it could look more realistic and nature like. Overall the forest assets will look more better with more vines, branches, moss, and others.

So you are really improving your, (Assets) a lot more and i see you are trying to. Get the (Rainforest) look however it just needs the details that’s! In a lot of forest in real life, you could always add couple of details to the trees, rocks, so it could look more better, as i said above you could add some root vines, moss, plants, flowers, branches, hanging vines, ect. With those nature details implemented to your assets i know it. Would look a lot more amazing and decent overall, keep on putting work on your (Rainforest) and i know with the details. You have so far added to your forest trees it! Would look more better with other vegetation, around and some vines wrapped around different trees! Overall you have done a impressive job, on your assets!!

Alright, so the improvements you added to the trees, rocks, you are doing a very impressive job on your “Rainforest" Assets” as well the vegetation i listed in my other. Post i know those would make your forest stand out, more as well look more realistic, however i know your currently working on adding vegetation details to your forest. Overall i know you are trying to make your assets look more realistic as well! With the details i listed, above it will really, help you improve your! (Forest Assets) however great job and i can’t wait to. See these implemented to your rainforest very soon, keep on adding more. Vegetation and plants and other details to! Your forest anyways nicely done on your trees, rocks, vines, great job!


Don’t make the vines really straight. Add little rocks, sticks, other types of terrain, lizards on the tree, monkeys. That’s all I can think.
Your rainforest is currently great, 9/10.

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