Feedback on think simple combo animation

i just made a simple animation for hammer “Hammer [basic combo (how it should look)]”
this is basic combo
again my pc is potato and i just place a game link…


It looks really good! I like the animation because it looks pretty natural and realistic in terms of how a human would perform it. Great job!

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It looks really good man great job.

  1. I would, add another combo to that, like it going fast like the Basic rush. And others!

  2. You can try speeding it up. Like maybe add a more faster power combo like when he turns around and do that punch, to it when it ends!!

But for know it looks, really good hope to see more of this. That’s really all you have to fix up…!

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I really do not know what i must to speed up… it isn’t a light weapon… it is a dual hammer! it must be a slow
What about new combos they will be! necessarily
i think i will add a new combo for that “basic combo”

Oh i see, i didn’t know it’s gotta be slow like that. Are you gonna add more to the simple combo? Are leave it the way it is know…

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I’m going to copy and paste my original reply and just edit this depending on your response. What type of feel are you going for here, and is it meant to be realistic…?

Little pet peeve though; The arms and joints don’t cleanly form together and move as one, just a QoL thing for players.

Now to be more specific about what I think;

Robo-Arm, is real clean and works just the small pet peeve I mentioned above.

Hammer, think of how you’d swing a sledge hammer (still has the joint issue.) Your animation (not to be offensive) seems a bit sluggish in form, in real life if you were to swing it like that you’d get nowhere. Imagine you want to put out as much force as possible with this massive heavy hammer. Use your entire body and form, think of the character’s legs and body, how would YOU swing it. You’d want to use your entire body’s energy and force to swing it, you’d want to have a good stance (and in a fast pace environment it sorta happens naturally.)

Combo and Rush animations, both have the joint issue. As I was stating with the Hammer, you want to use your entire body to channel as much energy as fast and effectively as possible. You can youtube just fast punches and watch the form and manner they perform them, they use their entire body and energy, and how their legs move with their punches. Now this would be hard to get right but could prove to be extremely rewarding and add that extra bit.

It’s all about using the entire body, also having the joints be together and smoothly transition is key to making it look right. Just something to hopefully think about, on how to get some really good animations. Now again, yours look really really good! Just want to help you take it to the next level, also there’s absolutely no problem in doing simple animations (yours aren’t simple just something to think about.) It’s all about your game’s theme and overall feel, the types of things you are personally looking for and etc…

I wish you luck on your animations, and really really good job there!

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not a super realistic… but i think i can better! i just start use rb. studio a 2 week ago and i want to focus not on realism, but in detail
as you say about hammer… that was really hard to do like in really life… cuz arm is to small and you have 2 way
1: you broken arm and this look just bad…
2: you by some animation magic make it look cool and like in real life
about using all body… maybe you don’t see but i use 80-90% of all body for that animation… for now it my max
and about energy… that hard to understand, very hard to come up and even harder to make…
and I think so far everything! I need to relax … and after. I will try to do everything you just said and try to make this animation better (I just didn’t see really good animation in roblox after closing “Strife!”…)