Feedback on this Boeing B747-400

Hi there, I’ve been quite busy on this airplane.

The “Queen of the Skies” also known as the Boeing B747-400 is one of my biggest projects that is going to be finished ; )

I’m absolutely in love with this creation, most of the details are done in Substance 3D Painter. It’s amazing that ROBLOX supports PBR, just a shame that they still downgrade the quality of the textures.

Some stuff is still a work in progress. But here’s a little sneak-peek.

I would love to hear what you think!


Bro, the scene is too dark. I can barely make out the plane.

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Can’t see much, I’d recommend adding more pics in the sunlight! However, I just love China Airlines’ livery, so good job on that! :sweat_smile:


Due to the people finding the images too dark, here’s an image in the sun light.

The plane in a generic livery


this is the most realistic plane I’ve seen mostly because of its textures

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This looks so HD, nice it looks like its literally in real life!

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This Boeing looks VERY GOOD AND REALISTIC! Nice job on it! Although the scene is very dark, it’s still good!