Feedback on this build?




Thank you for this reply and also noted :smiley:

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You should make the hills have more beige rock colors and make the water less blocky and natural around the riverbanks

bro why the hell is that so saturated I’m gonna go blind

Sorry lol my badddddddddddddddd

How do i make the water less blocky?

its alright builds like roads and stuff dont match up with terarin, terrain design isn’t great and neither is the execution. biome blending needs more work too.
its alright, i say 4/10. good effort

can you tell me how to do that i am starter

change the terrain brush tool to “sphere” and tone down the size of the brush to make finer details

yeah hes right please tone down the enviroment saturation (and maybe even make the colorcorrection to a greyer color)

With the sphere which setting do i press? Smooth, Flatten , Paint?

I think its smooth. If its not there then its in paint

Looks amazing, hard to believe that its actually roblox, looks very similar graphics wise to the PlayStation Portable dragon ball Z games.

You can maybe make the grass a little bit darker, but overall I think it’s great!

It’s a good start but there’s always room for improvements! Here’s what I got for you:

  1. change the color of the grass and the road to darker colors, it looks cartoony and unrealistic in my opinion.
here's the steps just in case you dont know how
  1. go into your game
  2. tap on terrain
  3. click on MaterialColors
  4. scroll down and adjust the colors of the terrain to be a bit darker
  1. Smooth out the edges. The edges of the road look very sharp which makes it seem very unrealistic and a bit weird, to do this just use the smooth tool from the terrain editor around the edges.
a little comparison of smooth and sharp edges

  1. use the grow and erode tools to add little bumps to the ground. it adds more depth and detail to the game and adds to the realism. (I like to set mine to a size 6 with 0.2 strength and tap away in random spots till i achieve the result Im going for.)

  2. set the water transparency to 0.8 - 1 play around with it but dont set it lower than 0.8 It adds realism since no water is that opaque

  3. make the land around the water a bit higher than the water

here's what I mean + an example of transparent water

  1. this is more a tip but you can use a plugin called Brushtool to make adding trees, rocks, plants and etc easier and less time consuming. Play around with the settings and rotation and you’ll be good to go

  2. Add a new skybox, it’s VERY bright and doesn’t really match the build

Hope you can take these into consideration and improve your build! Let me know if you have any questions <3