Feedback on this build

So, as a little side-project because I was bored, I constructed this desk with a complete curved monitor in under an hour.
Was just wondering what you think of it!


It looks great and you just have to reduce the width of the support

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Yeah, I think it’s a little too wide as well.

From a front perspective, it doesn’t look too shabby.

I really like the computer. I like the stand that the screen stands on. Could you add a monitor or desk light? Just a suggestion but it looks really good.

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There ya go.

B o o k s

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Yes. I love it :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I love how it looks! But what are those three throng on the desk next to the computer?

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Talking about these?

They’re the supports for the upper part of the desk. (May have been inspired by my fathers old desk)

It looks amazing! I love how smooth the curve on the monitor is, and the desk design is unique. :+1:

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Yes the monitor looks quite curved, this is pretty hard building to do

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Did you make that curved monitor with unions?

I like the desk so far. I just feel like it could use a lot more detail on the keyboard and mouse. Also, the supports on the desk look really fragile. I would make it one cylinder.

You’d be amazed at how those supports held up a 10 pound monitor and other objects from my fathers desk, thats where I got the inspiration from.

I made the curved monitor by using the plugin Archimedes, then rendering once from a thin part 25 times on each side. After all had been done, I negated a smaller union of that, making a ‘bezel around the screen’, then made another smaller union, and making that neon.
Its complicated to explain, but if you get it, you get it.
All is a union though, yes.

Keyboard and mouse? Yeah, I made this in an hour and sorta just rushed the keyboard and mouse as I was mainly focused on the curved monitor. Otherwise I would’ve made the individual keys with the lettering and the mouse being well, a mouse.

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I’d suggest you make the trimming of the monitor black, because brown looks kind of odd.

Thats red, not brown.
Its supposed to be black/dark red.

I feel like a desk side lamp or plant would go along with the build greatly. Currently the desk is lacking things to hold. (sorry for late reply)

Wow, that’s actually not bad I like how you did the curve part without the parts phasing with each other. One thing I would’ve done, Is adding square parts on the keyboard as Key-caps but it’s still good 9/10.