Feedback on this Cartoon UI

Hello! I’m i_Rook, a GUI designer and aspiring creator.

Yesterday I posted a dark theme UI and got some amazing feedback from you amazing people, so I had a lot of dedication to make this today!

(Background credit from Adopt Me)

This is not for any official game, it is just made for my future portfolio. However, if any future customers are interested in a similar style to this, I shall deliver.

If you could give me some good advice and feedback that would be very much appreciated. Have an awesome day!

Do you like this?
  • I love it!
  • It’s decent.
  • It’s boring!
  • I don’t like it.
  • Other (reply with feedback!)

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If any of you are confused about the “Gamepass or something” text, I put it there since I didn’t have any gamepass art and I didn’t want to steal any :slight_smile: :smiley:

Hope you understand!


maybe make the buttons bigger. overall its nice!


It looks great, you did a good job. :+1:

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Looks awesome! Very clean ui menu.

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I love it man, just try to make the button a bit bigger or adjust it to where you can see the text clearly because I’m on phone right now and struggled a bit to read it. Besides that it’s a very cool UI!!

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I love it! Keep up the great work!

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I think you should make the buttons bigger. Also, i don’t really like the colors. Other than that, it’s good! :happy3:

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Got it! I will totally do that! I make my UIs on my phone on a software called Pixelmator that I have gotten good at.

It’s really really awesome, you can work on some shading and text

Thanks for the feedback! Is there anything specific that needs to be fixed with the text and shadows? Do I need a different font?

Here is the same UI with bigger buttons and I wanted to tried something with the button shadows


It looks much better and clean now! Good job :happy1:

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add this as part 2 or something under your 1st pic
this looks much better