Feedback on this character shop UI

Hey, i don’t really design UI’s, i normally script and build, so i made a character shop UI for my game, and i really want to know if its good and i should use it or not or if i should update it to something better. please, just need feedback.


That is a nice UI
The only problem I have is that the Purchase text is just out of the green part of the button

Good job


Alright, a few words to say

  1. Purchase button color is TOO bright.
  2. Purchase button text is overlapping the button.
  3. Purchase button is too rounded. consider setting the UiCorner value to either 0, 8 or 0, 15.

thanks, i changed it recently and this is how it looks


Much better! The background is less blinding and everything is more neat. Great job.


The Images look a little stretched. Try changing the image ScaleType to Fit, it will look better

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which image? also i update it once in a while and this is the new look

and thanks i just tried fit with the coins image and it looks better

Also, when i try changing an image to “fit” it makes the size smaller, is there any way to fix this or nah

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It makes the size smaller but makes it look less stretched. Try increasing the ImageLabel Size and fitting it.

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