Feedback on this flashlight system?

Hey, so I was just looking for feedback on this flashlight system I whipped up for an upcoming horror game. Wondered if there’s anything I should change to make it look better.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


It looks very nice. It doesn’t seem to lag like the normal Roblox made flashlight, and its a Clearview of what you are looking at, Great job man.

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Gotta love Future lighting.

Only thing that stinks is I had to modify it so it looks decent on mobile. Future still isn’t supported for mobile devices :frowning:

Thanks man!


Yeah hopefully roblox will do more with mobile. It probably hard cause of it being mobile. But hopefully Roblox will try and do more things with mobile.

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I think you should add a little lag behind. Its not exactly realistic but I think it would look cool

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That’s a really interesting idea! Not sure how I’d go about it, but I could play around with it.

Its kinda weird how your hand is perfectly illuminated even though the flashlight is infront of u but other then that nice job! :D

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