Feedback on this forest!

Hello everyone, I just created a forest world for an RPG game I’m working on named Amaris. This is my first time making a map this big and using terrain, I hope I could get some feedback and opinions on this! Here are some screenshots of the map. The small characters are the enemies that spawn in the forest and you can use that for scale. I really wanted to go for a large vast explorable world and hope I was able to capture that effect.

Here is a sneak peek of the game’s icon I just finished making.


It’s beautiful, nice job! :+1: However, the lava under the bridge is a bit unrealistic, considering that I don’t see a volcano nearby and that magma is only visible if you dig REALLY deep. Maybe change that to a regular river of water and you’ll be set. :smiley:

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Ah yes, a fellow @Chrythm RPG kit user.

I would make the tree roots go deeper into the ground. It looks like they are almost floating.

Yep! When the game is out il be sure to add his name will into the credits.

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The forest seems very calming, it would be much calmer if you adjust the atmosphere well.

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Beautiful place, and a beautiful game. I felt like I was actually in a big MMORPG, and that is really impressive considering this is Roblox. I have no suggestions, it’s pretty much perfect.

Unrelated to your forest, but you may want to decrease or even remove health regeneration. It’s pretty much impossible to die, and it makes the health potions pretty pointless. The gate should also maybe be open by default? I might just be pretty easy to confuse, but I didn’t realize I could go through there for a while.

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Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I’m glad you like the game, and I’m working on balancing the potions right now. What you said about the gate is definitely true as some players might not know how to leave the castle area and Il probably remove it completely in the next update.

Nice. I like the style and design. I would suggest adding some rocks, flowers, and maybe a pond, Just a suggestion, do it if you want to!
Great work BTW!

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