Feedback on this GFX PFP I made

Hello! It’s been a while since I made GFX, so I decided to work on a quick artwork on my OC so I can use it to replace my Twitter and YouTube profile pictures! Last time I made a profile picture was back in March of 2022 so I just revamp it to match my current character till I make another avatar I like.

Feel free to open any of these two:

The Artwork:

Reposting is not allowed without permission.

Stuff I used


  • Roblox Studios
  • Blender


  • BigJPG - AI (for the rig texture)
  • BeFunky (edits)


  • Robloxian 2.0 Rig (rigging)


  • Metallic texturing
  • Rim Lighting
  • 4000x4000 Resolution
  • 4096 Samples
  • Cycles Render
  • Area Lights

Thoughts? I messed around with image blending stuff and it had some impressive results ngl! :innocent: