Feedback on this GFX?

So I recently decided that I wanted to put a lot more effort into learning GFX, and after looking at some post and reading responses on one of my own posts I decided to give it a try. This isn’t really my first attempt, but it’s my first attempt at GFX using some techniques that I learned. When giving feedback, please tell me what I can improve on, what I done well with, and any recommendations for future GFX.


It is a bit blurry and looks a bit stretched. Also it seems like it is floating also. I would focus on trying to make the gfx clear and easy to see.

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all of those (all the parts of the swords] look extended/low quality

looks pretty nice though!


Pretty neat, although I’d like to point out some stuff.

Firstly the character looks a little extended as well blurry you might want to fix that!

Secondly add aesthetical add-ons (Background, props that are related to the art you’re going for) an example this art you made is spiders related you might want to add webs et cetera.

Simple things can make your art 2x better!

Good luck.


So to start, the posing is very off, and looks extremely weird, I’ve made spiderman art similar to this, and there is a much better way to pose it. Moreover, the ground looks very odd, with the character having no shadow, and his feet being all mangled and stuff. Also, there is no background. I like how you tried to make the eyes glow, but the bloom is extremely subpar.

TL;DR: Render your ground, actually have a background, work on your bloom, work on your posing.
Use this old artwork of mine if you ever attempt to retry a pose like this.


Render looks clean but I would try to not have too much grain.

This GFX is a little weird - at the top it looks like a perfectly nice spider man, but as it goes downwards, it starts to be worse and worse quality, and strangely - spider man looks like a puppet.

Three things:
I get what you are trying to do with the motion… but it just looks bad when it gets too blurred and low quality. Fix it.

The position of spiderman makes it look like he’s flossing (not to be a meme, I’m serious) … not sure if this is on purpose, but it doesn’t seem right to me - one of the arms looks longer on spider man than the other… don’t know if it’s because I’m up writing at four in the morning or because it is, but I would look into that.

Lastly, spider man looks like he is floating, I would consider changing / updating the background to properly reflect that.

I would just consider how your renders look in general, add in shadowing, lighting - all of those great details. Don’t know what you are planning to do with the background, or if this is just a render show-off, but either way, try to be a little more purposeful in the setting of your GFX.

I wish you luck in future GFX creation.

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You probably decreased sampling to make the render faster, but it looks too grainy right now. Maybe denoise it and add bump mapping for realistic effect. Also it doesnt really look like hes standing on the floor, and the right leg is bent at an akward position.

Looks a little noisy, also is the left leg supposed to be bending out? It looks kind of unrealistic. it looks like his leg is curving in but his knee is curving out.