Feedback on this GUI I made for my game?

(I accidentally posted this topic in Scripting Support before I re-posted here, my apologies)

This is a UI I’m creating for a serious facelift of one of my games. It’s supposed to be the hub once you join, in which users will either choose a team and continue playing the game, or choose to be teleported to a separate place.

(I’m aware that the same game icon is used for the button two sections, it’s just a placeholder for now)

This is my first time in quite a while creating a GUI from scratch, and as you can see, I’m not the best at it. Is this UI suffice or are there any ways I can improve upon it?

I like the overall idea you are going for, but maybe find the aspect ratio of the flag image assets and make your flag UI have that using a UIAspectRatioConstraint. Also, the thumbnail images for the game are nice, so make them more of a central focus for the UI instead of the flags taking up so much space. Here’s an example from the Wild Revolvers start screen I made… maybe a layout like this is more suitable:

For example, the different games (original and tycoon 2) could be more vertical w/ descriptions or updates and a “Play” button. The flags could also be made into a more vertical ScrollingFrame w/ less blank space. Also, the grey title “Two Player Military Tycoon” is a little simple and the font is meh.

Hope this constructive criticism helps! Good luck. :octopus:

Not super familiar with ScrollingFrame, but I was thinking of that as well and will not try it.

Another thing I was worried about. I honestly have no idea how to spice it up and make it more in-line/appealing since it’s just a simple TextLabel with the game’s name.

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Check out these googles images, find one with a transparent background that’s free/open-source and use it as an image background and put the text on top to spice it up maybe.

Google Images of Banner Icons


Almost finished with the re-do of it. What text would you recommend?

EDIT: Here is the new UI:

EDIT 2: Re-did it once again:

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The image is in poor quality, you might have to change it or rescale it, apart from that

You should include a title of what this UI does (Select a country etc). It’s pretty hard to understand without any instructions.

Yeah, I think I’ll change it from “Two Player Military Tycoon” to “Choose Your Nation.”