Feedback on this here Golf Cart

One of my Developers has made a Golf Cart for a form on transportation around my game. I’m not sure if it looks great or not and I’d like to see what you guys think. Seat color should probably be changed but like I said, I’d like opinions.


Looks like a great start! :smile: Heres some feedback to help you with this build and your future builds!

  • Did you use any negation or unioning in your builds? If not try solid modeling to make more unique shapes to help you on certain aspects of the golf cart

  • Like solid modeling using programs like Blender to make meshes that have way more freedom then any models you can make in Roblox studio. If you haven’t learned to use Blender or have only used it a few times, I recommend you dig deeper and see the possibilities of using meshes in your builds. :eyes:

  • With these advanced building techniques you can build more unique shapes for your top/enclosure, add a more uniquely shaped brush guard/bumper, and overall make more parts of your golf cart more detailed and accurate to real life shapes

I hope my feedback and advice helped! You have lots of promise and cant wait to see what you do with this build and future builds! :smiley:

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It definitely could be improved. In all the golf carts that I have seen and have rode on, this is my first time seeing a golf cart with a cup holder in the middle of the seats. (Assuming it is one though so correct me if I’m wrong)

The steering column could have been better with black rather than red and I feel like it would be better if the seat color is changed too. (Because it reminds me more of a cinema seat with the seats being red)

The build is pretty decent. with your developer learning more techniques to improve that, it’ll be perfect for your game in no time.

Not quite sure if those are cupholders aswell, I first thought it was an armrest with a hole to add some sort of design to it.

It’s a cupholder that you could also use as an armrest.

I agree that is very strange the cupholder thing and yea, the color kinda looks nasty in my opinion.

OH, I first thought it was 90 degrees turned so the hole was on the side. Makes sense now.