Feedback on this horror game UI

I needed some Feedback on this horror game UI that I have been working on for a few days
vid(changed things as you guys said)

I changed things as some of you people told me to remember this is not the final result im going to spend some time on it and try to get the best result
and if something that you told me to do is not there is because i could not do it (added this so it does not feel like im listening to only a few of you guys)


Changed to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, for feedback and showcase rather than #help-and-feedback:art-design-support’s technical support.

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This is a great concept, I really like the red eyes. My only suggestion is changing up the fonts a bit to make it more creepy and also, try and line up the guis in a clearer format, eg “The Hospital” in line with centre. Apart from that, I can’t find any way to fault you. Great job!

Edit: I just realised you might not want it to be centered

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it does not look centered because of the way i cropped it
and i could not really find a creepy text for the text buttons and stuff

Great concept! But I’d change the font or stick to one font and also use Roundify. I’d also add a blurred background of your game on there.

Both fonts bother me, I would change that. It just screams “default” to me, like there’s nothing really unique about it. If Roblox fonts are all kinda meh, then make a transparent image of white text in your own font of choice, and use that. ImageLabel can color the image, so by uploading it white, you can use any color.

Additionally, if “The Hospital” is your game’s title, it needs to be big - the most prominent thing on the screen in fact, for lack of any background image.

You could make the text red, and the buttons transparent. Are the red thing supposed to be eyes? Anyway, it looks nice!

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Thank you for the feedback, and yeah those red circles are eyes

Maybe make the eyes blinking? :expressionless: :neutral_face:

yeah I was thinking to do that but I have no idea how to make that happen I was also thinking to make the eyes slowly rotate but then again, i dont know game scripting

Maybe this?

local Imagelabel = script.Parent
while true do
    Imagelabel.Visible = false
    Imagelabel.Visible = true

Put in it a localscript in the Imagelabel you’re using! If you’re using an Imagelabel :slightly_smiling_face: It will make them blink.

oh thanks i will try that when i play roblox, right now im kind of busy on other stuff

I like the UI, I love the eyes! However the title is a bit small, maybe make it a bit bigger? Same with the eyes, I know it is eyes, but something is missing in my view. The background is just black, maybe add a bit of static in the background, or anything that can be orbiting the title and eyes? Otherwise great for a horror game!

Ok! Tell me if it works! See ya!

will do that thank you, at the start I also thought the background is a little plain and not too detailed

Hey, not bad. It doesn’t display much about the game though since 1. black screen and 2. the only options are play and donation (which I think should be donate?) It may just be me, but the donation text seems whiter than play.

I think you should do some camera manipulation because it makes your UI look much more professional, change the text and lower the play/donation. Are the red circles eyes?

Here’s a UI I did recently-- You could do something like this but in a dystopian or apocalyptic-like hospital, broken/flashing lights, a body or some type of wreck in the background. Hope this helps


I can try to make it so that the camera at start is staring at a hospital with someone standing on a window with those eyes and basically that much and yeah i have to change the text UI a little bit

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I feel like that it is a bit basic and it doesn’t have anything special to and it is a bit empty.

This looks good but needs a little improvement. I highly suggest you align the GUIs properly (like put the title in the center).

its actually centered but i cropped it in a way that it does not look centered