Feedback on this icon for my game

So this is a icon I made for my game.

I appreciate the feedback!


I would add more to it instead of a orange background and writing on top of it.


It looks amazing! You are so great at creating game icons!

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Thank you! I’m a basic GFX creator.

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Alright, Appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna attempt to create a thumbnail and I’ll post it on the forums soon!


Alright, Sounds good to me! :slight_smile:

If I were you I would have added like an icon from Flaticon or add an avatar to it but unless surpassing work!

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A bit bland, maybe you could add a background!

I was actully trying to do that before I made the icon!

I mean you can insert blur into your game, then take a picture of that for a background.

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Hello :smiley:

This game icon looks really awesome but I have an idea of something to add

You could add more pictures or something to fill up some of the orange blank space ?

besides from that its amazing and you have done a good job

Keep up the good work

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Hello, I am LeoAlienia a UI creator I have feedback, and suggestion:

Feedback: In my opinion it is not bad! It is a good start for creating UI!
Suggestion: I think it is a little plain maybe add some different things to it


  • LeoAlienia UI creator.
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