Feedback on this island i created(Feedback)

Hi, I created this island and would like to see what people think of it


Overall it looks pretty good, nice lighting, trees, etc.
Improve on:
-that campfire in the cave
-random, strange dents inside rocks, the terrain, etc. (posted some pictures below)

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 11.31.22 AM
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 11.32.27 AM

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I like the terrain detail but I feel like it lacks trees and maybe put some more trees but nothing too crazy

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Thanks for the feedback but what exactly can i fix about the Camp Fire the Tree logs are to thick?


The map overall is really nice, the lighting pretty attractive and ‘snazzy’ as well.

I wanna agree with @X_ZN0’s phrase in his post;

And I would add onto that, that you could add small detail like Tree logs, and maybe an axe inside of them, or pickaxes inside of the stones. Maybe some bushes as well perhaps?

But that’s up to you.

Great job though!

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This build is extremely good! Your tree locations and the overall design and terrain are both spot on.

The only thing I can tell that looks off from the screenshots is the same type of trees. Most places only have one or two types of trees, and the ones you have look to copy a pasted throughout the whole island. I recommend making different variations of trees instead of having only two types of trees, there could possibly be more to make it more lively in my opinion. I think one thing that would really give it more life would be adding some variation in elevation. Stuff like hills, caves, rocks, huts etc. You could also add some more trees and different variety of trees to make a sort of forest.

Maybe a dock in the water with a boat tied around it is a good suggestion if you plan on adding that I do believe add some more vegetation to your island like flowers, mushrooms, bushes, and more to fill in the empty spaces I think you could add a few more islands in the water.

Apart from that your map looks extremely well put together and clean, good job.


Thanks I will take that in mind