Feedback on this lil' project

on avril 30th, me and @7booooy teamed up and made a quick keyboard game/tycoon where you just press a the “B” key on your keyboard and listen to the amazing sounds we implented

there’s a shop for different keycaps, a mechanic where you can jump on your keycap and it ACTUALLY clicks, a jump boost effect for jumping on the keycap, a leaderboard, aaaand an original ost by ma friend

have fun and dont break your key.

play here: Press B - Roblox


btw this legit took us an afternoon to finish dont be likeimage-removebg-preview (17)when you find a bug.


Its interresting i & @TestyLike3 played a bit around though it has some bugs like you already
said. Keep up the funny, good work. :sweat_smile:


This is a well made game for taking an afternoon to make. The original music is great too.
I have 3 suggestions for your game (not bug related as far as I can see):

  • Order the items at the shop by their price so it’s impossible to miss the next keycap the player can buy
  • Add a limit to how high you can jump, if someone spammed your button with the jump boost on you’ll never come back down
  • Let the player jump higher every time they land on their button with jump boost on (or another button with jump boost on)

I played the game a bit, It’s pretty fun! Even though my arm hurts, getting 1,400 clicks makes it fine, lol.


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glad you liked it! we will surely keep updating it.

could you list some bugs you found?

thanks for playing! here are replies to your suggestions:

  • absolutely, that will make it more organized.
  • well that’s why I added this feature in the first place, maybe I’ll add .25 clicks per jump, and four of em give you one click.
  • sure, I might add this as a bonus power up or even a developer product at some point.
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lol as i said earlier dont break your keycap, but you apparently will break your arm

this makes me wanna add a cps system where if you reach like what 15 cps (i drag click and this makes my fingers melt thats why i listed it at 15) it forces you to stop for a bit

I may have been over-exaggerating a bit, but I did managed to get that far. As a dev, let me know if you need any help. I don’t really do it for income, just as a passion.


Okay here are the Bugs:

  • When someone Jumps on your button you fly up if he does repeat this
    you wont come down until he stops.

  • A item is listed in the ground?!?

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  • this is actually intended, I might remove it later but if its fun why not.
  • I see, will fix that.