Feedback on this low poly build I did?

What do you guys think of this?

The Build

game: low poly village - Roblox

(Put your graphics to at least 4)


10/10. Good job! Very detailed. :heart:


Looks like a really fun game to play I like every part of it it looks very details amen you got the texture spot on well done :+1: I give this a 10/10

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I think you could add some characters in the game what you can talk to then they set you missions to find stuff and talk to other people it would make the game better and cooler but it up to you do you like the idea as I said it’s up to u :slight_smile:

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Dude that’s amazing what u made more then 10/10 !!!ppl think low poly is easy but is kinda hard till u learn how to do it!and i think u are at the maximum of low poly building style!keep up the good work.

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Woahh, that looks really amazing. I’m very impressed with the lighting effects and details, 10/10!

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