Feedback On This Low Poly Building!

Hey all!

Could you please leave some feedback on this low poly building I made? This is my first low poly building that Ive tried, so if you could leave some feedback its highly appreciated!


It looks pretty good! My only suggestion is that maybe the door way can be a different texture. Otherwise, pretty good!

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it looks excellent :ok_hand::+1:! But one thing why is it floating?

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looks great, good job! :smiley:

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Hey! It looks really well made! Are you sure its your first attempt? Maybe widen up those window glare or shine things! I really like the darker bricks placed around the build as well, and the colours are all so flowing. Good job! :happy2:

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Thanks so much it means alot! :smile:

Thanks! Its because I made it in blender and havent imported into the map yet :smile:

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This is nice. But perhaps make the door a different texture? Good work. :slight_smile:


The roof parts seem a little weird. On the taller building the roof sticks out on one side but stays on top of the building on the other

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Thanks! Ill definitley do that :smiley:

Oh yeah I see that now! Thanks :smile:

Nice, Clean, and simple! Looks amazing!

Keep making buildings!

For your first low-poly build, it’s very well done :smile: :+1: , keep it up! :wink: