Feedback on this Low Poly buildings!

I’m making my game’s lobby, and I recently did a post on the first house I modelled for it.
Today I modelled two more houses, and here are the screenshots.
All feedback is appreciated.

First Building!

Second Building!

The first building was done in 40 minutes, and the second in 1 hour.
Thanks for reading!


Should I add some emission parts? :thinking:
(neon lights)


I edited post and added buildings inlcuding emission parts, enjoy!

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Interesting stuff, the too buildings lack other elements that could be improved have you tried including a chimney or some wall lighting features to add some depth to it.

Could definitely use other options ‘as it is a sort of house depending on the style medieval/cartoony’, add some entrance lighting to give the area a more greater appearance. For an example, if you view variety of house types related to your style you will see it includes other features to make it have a better approach. Your house seems good and well designed, consider to experiment with options it’s up to you.

Otherwise it’s a beautiful approach but there is still space for small improvements!

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Thanks for your reply, I’ll try that!

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Looks a bit weird, but nice! Is there any drain pipes?

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Thanks for your feedback, I’ll think of adding some tubes :slight_smile:

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They look cute! But yea like the others mentiond they could do with a bit more visual default to them like chimneys, maybe the doors could look a little more like planks put together by making them a bit uneven.

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Ok! thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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