Feedback on this low poly landscape I made

Hey folks, I just made a low poly landscape… please do give me feedback on what I can improve on!! Happy friday til then!!



Before I provide suggestions, what is the context behind this build? Is it a commission, showcase or something entirely different?

Just playing around with this. It’s not a commision or a showcase. I am coming back to ROBLOX after a long long time so practicing my skills etc

I honestly can’t think of anything to improve on. The floor has detail and there’s a clear sense of depth and height. There’s variation in both colour and scale and nor the floor or sky is bland.

Well done!

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Would not change a thing. Keep up the good work :+1:

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Looks ok, I’d try to use different trees and change some colors of the boxes. Some terrain in the back would be good too.

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It’s pretty nice, I like it a lot! You can add in ponds and more large landscapes in it to make it even better. Keep up the good work!

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Everything in the photo is awesome! I really like the colours you have with the hills in the background, and variations of trees.

Just one thing though, I feel as if the skybox doesn’t fit within the aesthetic you have with the low poly landscape. The landscape feels cartoony, while the clouds in the background looks realistic and out of place.

This is optional, but you should add a campsite of some sort near the crates.

Anyways, awesome work and I would like to see more work from you in the future :smiley:

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I’m aware of the skybox, I’ll change it soon! Definitely will add a campsite!!

I think it looks Great!
but you also add Something that can make your landscape beautiful. example:
Grass, flower, more rocks, hill, and also a good environment and landscape. not only that but you also can make a small village near the mountain and play with the lighting so that you can make your game much cooler than before. I also suggest you retexture the create because the create it has a similar colour and it not looking great and I suggest that try making another tree so that the game that you make have a lot of going around the also the view of it. Anyways, that all I wanna say and i will see you next time…

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