Feedback on this modern house

So I tried building a modern house from scratch of mine, there is no interior actually, so any feedback for my house, mates? :smile:


I don’t know how long you’ve been building for but if you’re new to developing then this is a great build, better than I would’ve done.
But if we want to get professional here, there are some problems with it.

The path is way too short (Odd material too), along with the stairs, they seem very small and it almost seems like the door is low enough to do without them. (I’d need a scale to confirm that).
Fix: I’d either raise the house and make the stairs taller or just trash them entirely. I’d spread out the path and make it a different material.

The flowerbed on the left is pretty bland, the plants don’t really look like they belong there (look more like tiny trees). It’s hard to tell the scaling here, but it looks like the bed is way large than the steps to the doorway, which doesn’t seem right.
Fix: Try’n put more effort into the plants and lower the bed (or again, raise the house).

The windows im not a fan of, don’t know why but they just look out of place to me. (Probably just me though)

I can comment on a few little things but I don’t think that’s necessary. If you are a newer developer then great job, this is pretty well done, but those are some things you could change to improve this house.


I don’t think that can really be called a modern house, it looks like a ranch. Modern houses have lots of windows and unique shapes. Also, I think this might just be because of the camera angle or my bad eyes, but in the window all the way to the left, which is closest to the camera, the vertical pair of square glass that is rightmost looks smaller than the other vertical pairs of 2.


Ya, its a speedbuild actually, so its actualy done in a rush, but yea thanks for the tip, i can change the trees more realisticly