Feedback on this new Game

Hey everyone,

I am looking for some feedback on the game, the concept, and the quality etc. Please let me know what you think about the game and whether you think the game is ready or not yet to be released.

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At first it seemed a bit confusing for me, but I got the gist.

The concept is unique, although execution can be worked on.

  1. Don’t let the rounds drag on for too long! No one likes waiting, especially Roblox players.
  2. Have more things that can spice up the gameplay (I did see the crate drop, but that is an immediate trap so rarely anyone will ever go for it).
    Maybe, as an event, a special NPC drops in that is meant to make someone think that its a real person.

The maps are pretty good, so is the lobby.

Overall, it has potential, but you have to work on the whole “not making player leave due to boredom” thing.


I think the game is actually quite fun. Though I don’t play these types of games often, it was quite exciting for each match. For me, the matches were very short (lasting less than 30 seconds), and the server I was in seemed to break.

I’m unsure why I spawned as another player, and on top of that, my hitbox was a bit messed up, I was unable to jump, and the game did not continue even after eliminating the other player. There also were no NPC’s that spawned in. Afterwards, matchmaking completely froze.

But, in my opinion NPC Royale seems genuinely fun, and I would definitely play it with my friends if I got the time to. While the bugs with the frozen matchmaking freezes the whole flow of the game, if this could be fixed, I could see the game becoming quite popular with sufficient advertisement. I believe player retention could be quite high, since the game idea is pretty unique in itself, and overall it seems quite lively with players in it. Though I wouldn’t recommend a full release just yet, further testing could be done quickly before it is ready in your eyes. (I also like the new Halloween-themed map)


Thank you for the feedback, I genuinely appreciate it! After pushing out ads, the devs and I realized that there were still some bugs in the game that needed to be fixed.
Addressing your questions, the reason you spawned in as another character is because everyone’s character is random and that makes it harder to spot the NPCs and the real players. However, I’m not sure why the game froze or why other NPCs weren’t spawning in, that could just be a bug. There is a fully working server in the game right now and if you want the full experience, make sure to join a working server.
Again thanks for your feedback, do you have any suggestions about the round system? I’m currently not sure if the rounds last too short, intermission is too long, etc.


Hey, thanks for your feedback! The devs and I are consistently focusing on improving the gameplay and making sure it’s fun, which is why there are many different gamemodes currently in the game. We will continue to work on the gameplay to make sure that retention is as high as possible, and the game is as fun as it can be. Again thanks for your feedback, what do you think about the game’s UIs and its screen visuals? We’re working on making it match the game’s vibe as much as possible, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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