Feedback on this new thumbnail

Players are wanting to view the game icon so i put this, Actually i did my new invention.


its hard too see the icon cuz its too small.

Font is bad + Colors too many text in thumbnail logo is good


I only use rockwell & franklin gothic heavy, what fonts should i use, like system font?

I found this very cute though I’m not sure what the aesthetic you’re going for is. I don’t really picture this being a professionally-styled thumbnail but it’d be great for a humorous/comical type game! If you’re looking for ways to improve it in a professional sense, consider additional detailing and cleaning up the game icon. Like mentioned, the font does need some work as well. It’s quite bland. Perhaps consider adding depth at the very least, make it interesting!



Those white / gray stripes aren’t very good, and Text Colour should be the same, if it’s not title.

i dont recommend favorites or visits added, you wont want to update it 3000x if you do get the game viral right?