Feedback on this render

One of my first render, currently playing around with the lightning.
Which version is the best and what could I change/improve?


I compressed the photos because it wouldn’t let me upload them

I prefer the first one, i like how jotaro have a glow effect in his right side with lighting effect, it is very well made, i like it !


Thanks for the reply! I like the first one as well but I feel that the saber on Star Platinum’s hand shouldn’t be there.

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Render is well made, I can say that. I’m a big fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, so I really enjoy this.

My first suggestion might just be me being OCD, so you don’t really need to take this into account lol

One thing I’m concerned with though is this part:
As you can see, Jotaro’s leg is “bent,” however, when you look at Star Platinum’s render, he just looks like a regular R6 character.
This might be a personal opinion of mine, but I think it’d be nice to have both characters with the same type of posing scheme. Without that, it looks a bit uneven, and I like consistency in models.

Another thing, as you mentioned earlier, was the saber on Star Platinum’s hand.

I agree with your statement, it looks out of place since Jotaro’s entire right side has the same effect as Star Platinum’s hand.

Other than that, It looks amazing. Keep it up!

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Thanks! Il take into consideration using the same type of posing scheme. Il probably redo the saber as well, just so it doesent have anything to do with Star Platinum’s hand.

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So, I can tell this is free modeled (no offense) and I suggest that you move the hat down, don’t use roblox faces (jotaro) and definitely fix star platinums face. Other then that it looks pretty ok, good job for your first render.

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