Feedback on this Render?

Be as harsh as you want, but still be constructive.


Hmm well it looks fine,
Some things that I think can be improved are
-the blood splatter overlay that you used is very badly put on it looks like you just erased the empty parts giving it so many ugly rough edges try playing with opacity and fading intensity brushes will help a lot to blend it

  • the avatars look really stiff try playing with a lil bit of torso adjustments will look a bit more realistic.
    -the lighting is really weird like red light it coming from the devils eyes but still the noob rig is red also the the background you used looks more like evening/early morning but your render looks more like night.
    -also the tongue and mouth of the noob looks really rough and the tongue’s placement makes near to no sense.
    This might feel like nitpicking but I can see the editing you got there and you got some potential and so improving on this beginner mistakes will level up your GFX to a different level.
    I hope you understand that I didn’t waste my time just to criticize someone rather I tried helping you!
    Have a nice day!
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Actually I made this render 8 months ago when I was a beginner and I just edited it. Thank you for the advice though.

looks good but the noob’s mouth creeps me out

exactly… thats the point this is a spooky render

It looks great, not a fan of the fringe though.

The client requested it though

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It looks pretty good but I think more trees would add to the immersion since you can notice it’s flat plain with 4 trees if you look closely.

no i mean the noobs mouth, its 3d and rounded and it looks weird, its not apart of the spooky aesthetic

By the way, that wasn’t a tongue, that was the thing that shows in your mouth when you scream.

Great start! I suggest making the background look more like it is part of the scene and not an image behind the actual render.

Actually I have been doing GFX for 7-8 months and this was my 2nd-3rd render, so I’m posting it here after a long time. I agree there was a lot I could have improved on lol.

well i understand what you mean it Uvula, the reason i called it a tounge is because it wasn’t connected to the top part so it looks like a weirdly rolled tounge lol

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