Feedback on this small city

I made this low poly city, how can I improve?

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I think a way to improve the map is to increase the lighting in the buildings a little.

But overall its a really nice city.

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Yes I’ll do that. I currently can’t build smoothly and if I move my camera it gets stuck in 10-20 fps.

My pc is trash

This is really well made and I like it a lot the only idea I can think of would be to add more things to the streets like bus stops, stop signs, maybe even lines on the road for road directions etcetera. Are you planning to make more buildings in the future or is this the final layout?

It would be nice if the color of the road was not so black as it looks like the buildings and looks good in the lighting

The build isn’t too bad, but I really think the lighting could be improved. Other than that though, really great job! Keep up the great work!

I feel like it’s out of scale, the trees are way too big and the roads are too small. I like the look of how youmade some windows glow but that doesn’t make much sense because windows shouldn’t glow in the morning. If it was at midnight it would of made sense to have it glow. It also lacks a bit of detail though otherwise, it’s not bad. I also suggest fixing the lighting and maybe remove the trees as it looks a bit weird. Theres also a bit too much crosswalks.

I feel like you should change the colors of the buildings a little bit, it looks very dark.

Wow looks very good,But it’s kind of dark maybe add some lights.

Looks cool
But I suggest removing the outer Pink Border thingy. It doesnt match the vibe of the city and the color is kinda too contrast compared to the darker colored city
Other than that I really like it :smiley: