Feedback on this soundtrack

Made this because I had a dream about 2 brothers fighting using music, and I think it sounds cool so I tried to recreate it.

I got some help for the mastering/mixing part, which is nice. Soo, thoughts about it?


This sounds great! You did a great job bringing your idea to life! What app did you do this?

FL studio producer edition, with some cymatics samples.

This sounds like an actual song. I like the slow and quiet but slowly gets louder and faster. I don’t have any suggestions to improve, but it is very good.

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This soundtrack sounds good. Nice job on it!

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Thanks alot! This is kinda inspired by your typical rhythm game soundtracks, which is why the end is a bit fast. The cool part is that it just 170 BPM.

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This feels like a final boss fight against someone who you thought to be your friend or something, I mess with this BIG TIME.

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