Feedback on this statistics UI I made?

Hey DevForum! This is my first post (other than the welcome thread) and I wanted to use it to get feedback on a user interface that shows the current statistics of the player. I want to know how to spice it up because I think it looks bland and I don’t know how to make it look nicer.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: In case you’re wondering, the Labels will turn into a number to show the value of the currency beneath it. (Yes that’s currency.)


Have you tried adding a bevel? The best way to add onto a image and give it a better effect like gradient, bevel, drop shadow, inner shadow, is to do it in Photoshop


Hmm, that’s a very interesting idea. I’ll try that out. Should I give a bevel only to the Health and XP bars?

the UI for currency looks as though it’ll only be big enough for numbers 0 to 9? is that intended?

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The text is scaled, so it will shrink with bigger numbers.

i see. it still doesn’t look as though there’s much room for numbers though. would it be possible to get a screenshot with some sample data on it? just pop some numbers in so we can see what it’d look like in action.

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I’d prefer if they had round edges and had a bit more detail, but overall it’s pretty decent so far…

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Using a fade to black background with black as the colour for the numbers means that the numbers in the darker area will be in danger of not being readable.
Perhaps you should try adjusting the colour of the numbers to show them evenly across the whole background taking into account the other colours there.

You can try to add a white gradient that transitions from white to transparent in a radical manner, and putting that behind the numbers. This way, it will superimpose the number and make them a easier to read.

Also, instead of having the text’s size decrease as the number increases, you can decrease the height of the label so numbers up to a certain digit look similar in size. However, after a certain point it will begin to become smaller. So for that, you can use abbreviations on numbers like 1K or 22M.

I hope that helps :smile: