Feedback on this story/hanghout game I am making

Hello fellow Devs,

For the past few weeks I have been making a mystery/story game that involves the player to hunt for clues and find out the why this place has been deserted. That’s the idea anyways. I honestly don’t know if people would be interested in such a game so I thought I would ask you guys if you could check the game out and see if such a game could get an audience. Obviously the game is not finished, but there is just enough in the game to get an idea of what it could become. Any feedback is much appreciated!


Here is the link to the game; Above The Clouds - Roblox

yeah, I think the concept is enjoyable. The results may vary depending on the ratio of mystery to hangout.

I really cannot say much about it since it is unfinished but if you do it well enough it could work.

(I am a puzzle game enjoyer, as long as the mystery isn’t too scary/psychological, I am there)

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