Feedback On This Suit I made?

Hi! I made this suit a long time ago, but I wasn’t able to upload it due to me having no premium and not getting hired :frowning:. I would like to ask feedback on this suit I made! It’s the best one I made so far. I would love suggestions! :slight_smile:



It doesn’t have sleeves. Or a back. Or a top. Could you create the full template and show us the template on a rig?

So far it looks okay. The black lines look pixel-y, almost like icons from Windows 7.

Done! Sorry I couldn’t do it earlier :frowning:. Any suggestions to how I make it better?

Not really. Thanks for adding the arms, it looks way better.

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The wrinkles, give it a little more blur effect not too much. The outlines of the belt should be changed to maybe an overlay because the upper half gives me a much realistic type of clothing compared to the belt. As for the shirt inside of the suit itself, maybe add shading there as well.

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Hi there! I am not the biggest fan of hardline, and it doesn’t go quite well with the style you chose. Hardline looks amazing on detailed armor, military wear, etc, but doesn’t go too well with simple suits. I’d recommend using a softer brush, and lowering the saturation of the jacket a bit, unless a bright blue was what you were going for. Hope this helped!

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