Feedback on this UI

I probably won’t script it but I am just practicing.


Things I liked about this:

  • Interesting colour palette.
  • Nice layout. Very simple to understand.
  • The bar under the MISC is lighter to show that it is currently selected. I’m guessing you did this on purpose.

Things in my opinion could be changed:

  • The padding on the left and the right where the boxes are is not equal.
  • Maybe make the BAN text colour slightly darker like the line under it to really show that it is not the current selected option.
  • Center the TARGET text and its corresponding box to the middle of the MISC and BAN text on the Y axis.
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not bad is this for a simulator game?

Im pretty sure this is a admin console.

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I would make the boxes less round and reduce the space between them, other than that it’s decent

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