Feedback on this VR horror creature?

I’ve been working on a VR horror game for a while, in which you are trying to evade a creature in a kid’s bedroom. The game progress is going well, but the creature looks pretty bland and basic in my opinion. Essentially, I want this creature to have a blank demented look that would surprise/scare a player if it unexpectedly came into view. It looks pretty good, but isn’t quite there. This is my first time going about something like this, so I’m open to any feedback on improvements.

Creature Screenshots

Its left arm is a disfigured organic mess of a hand, and its right arm is its hand severed at the wrist:

Dummy is the measuring scale of the VR player height:

Side profile shows the neck joints:

Lit shots at night:

Slow ominous walking animation from multiple shots:
WalkingAnimation.mp4 - Google Drive
(Head and shoulders aren’t animated because I’ll be scripting them to look at the player later)

This game still has a while on the scripting side to finish, so it won’t be coming out in the near future. I’m keeping info about this game to a minimum for now, but will hopefully come out with something within the next 6 months.


Looks really cool, just don’t make this monster on white levels as it will blend in. But seeing a white skeleton running towards at full speed in the dark would be absolutely terrifying, can’t wait to see the finished project.


Try a darker grey as the bone texture and make the eyes neon.

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You could try extending the ribcage in a cylindrical form towards the chest cavity a bit more to make it more realistic.

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