Feedback on this!

I need feedback!
Note: I took time and actually drew the hotel icon with Autodesk Sketchbook. THIS LOGO IS 100% ORIGINAL.

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Good, but please make the stroke of the text in black colour. It may look similar to the hotel’s stroke.

Cool, But “ROBLOX HOTEL” Text Make TextColor Be Black.

This logo looks pretty nice and good job. The only thing I’d add is a white stroke around the hotel.

Changed it. How does this look?

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It looks way better than the previous one, nice job!


It looks like you used the line tool to make the windows. On some of the windows there are weird gaps because of this, I recommend you use the rectangle tool and rotate the rectangles when needed.

Hope this helped! If I made any mistakes, please tell me.

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I think You Need to Fix this.


Maybe add some color to the Roblox hotel remember you want to keep it to 3 colors tho so maybe make the gray the “Roblox” text and Hotel the yellow? Play around with it and see what works. Also add some window with an extended bottom like a brim and cartoony window shine to, over all pretty good, John.

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Looks good! But yeah just like how they say and try fixing the words, make them have some spaces.

fix the window outlines, some outlines are bigger

This is actually really good! I like the colors too. Some windows are outlined weirdly but other than that this is not bad.

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