Feedback on Thumbnail

This is a commission for a prison group, just need opinions so I know where to improve.


The tone is set very nicely, showing a dark and gloomy setting though the way the officers walk is a bit odd.
They just seem like they’re standing still with both feet on the ground, try to raise the foot thats moving up a little more to add space and give it a feel as though they’re moving more smoothly.

The bumping is very nice though the light is semi confusing. There’s a mysteriously very bright light behind them though I can’t see it, (maybe its just hidden though :P) The pose they’re setting should also be exaggerated more, the cop in front being suspicious of activity? Make him hold the gun more higher and more aware with the flash pointing out more to see in front of him.

You should also try adding more props and objects to populate the area since it seems a little empty, maybe add some chairs, tables, or even shelves somewhere in the setting to populate it a bit. Add another prison maybe from behind staring at them to give it a creepy vibe.

You should also try exaggerating the prison, make him hold onto the bars or stare right in between the bars to make it feel as though the prisoner really dislikes it.

Overall, its a very nice render and thumbnail, great job :+1:


Thumbnail is very nice although it is kinda hard to see the uniforms like the badges due to lighting. The characters seem to have a strange glow with them. Although overall the thumbnail is outstanding.

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I feel like the police are a bit glossy/shiny. But other than that this looks great!


It looks interesting, it’s pretty decent.
Your renders look clean, and the background looks pretty good.
Your thumbnail has that mysterious feeling, which is amazing.
The bright lights make it pretty unique.
Keep up the great work.

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