Feedback on Toaster Oven

Build name: Toaster Oven
Creator: THULiCORE
Time taken: 45 minutes (gosh!)


Feedback appreciated


I really really like this! Maybe add a handle on the glass
Like how irl ones have one to open the oven :sparkles:

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very detailed!! especially the grill part, loving that.

one thing you could improve are the buttons. it would be more pleasing to the eye if you kept the colour of the text the same colour instead of red, green, black etc. the text in each button are in different sizes and it looks a bit weird too. the words also seem to cover the entire surface area of the button, which is a bit odd. add a small bit of space around the sides of the them and this will look perfect!!

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Really loving it! 9.7/10

Something strange I noticed in the second picture thought is that the button is having a orange glow, It looks strange.

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I really love the effort put into the detailing on this model. Great job!

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It has an “Open Door” button so it doesn’t need one

Looks very realistic. I really like the clock on the toaster. Overall, this is a perfectly built model.

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I hate the buttons dont make it realistic.

It looks very lovely, maybe make the buttons a different material?

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Got a button for that, don’t worry

My microwave has that feature too

Amazing detail, maybe try changing the button font as it looks quite odd to me but apart from that it looks good.

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I would put my cold food in there



Love how realistic this is, definitely could be used in a food game!

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