Feedback on toilet I made in blender

I recently made a toilet in blender and I am requesting feedback.
Any feedback is appreciated!


It’s good. But it could have some improvements on the box that has the flush handle on it.

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It looks quite nice. You should make the texture smoother, possibly use SmoothPlastic. The box (manages water for flushing?) seems too off and not smoothly joined to the seat.

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The texture is not appealing, the toilet seat is too big, the flush handle is way too small, the block’s corners should be atleast less sharper. Overall, great work but needs improving!


Now you just need to put fabric on the toilet seat :smiling_imp:

6/10, i wouldn’t sit on it, and it should be shade smoothed because the bottom of the toilet seat is low poly and doesn’t look very good.

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Model looks nice, could make some adjustments in size. Also make the material smooth plastic because it looks much better than slate.

Pretty nice, I just don’t really like the texture, I recommand to change it to a more simpler texture.